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2020: A New Sonix

2020: A New Sonix

New Decade New Sonix!

Sonix has been doing some great work over the years. In the past 10 years, we've taken pride in creating a brand that has set trends and generated cult followings.

We are excited to start a new direction in this new decade. Here's a quick look at how we'll be evolving this year and beyond:


In this election year, we will be using our products and social platforms to inspire change. We hope to continue to take a stand on issues that impact the world.

For our first initiative in 2020 - responding to the devastating aftermath of the Australian Fires. Our office shed tears at the images of sweet koalas suffering burns and trying to escape the devastation.  We needed to help. As a result, 10% of all proceeds from Jan 8 - Jan 15 will be donated to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to rescue the koalas and support fire relief efforts.

Stay tuned for the next phase of our efforts in this fight - and beyond. We’ve got a plan and we can’t wait to share the news with you. 

As we expand our products beyond phone cases, we’re looking at all the ways the modern fashionista uses tech and must-have products while on-the-go. We have a new mission statement:

"We are dedicated to adding statement-making style to everyday essentials."

For work and play, Sonix takes a fresh look at daily basics to create those “where did you get that?” moments. Our products offer affordable luxury while withstanding the test of time. We’re excited for the opportunities to expand our capabilities. Good things are yet to come, so keep following us and keep sending us your ideas. We love them and read them all.

We wouldn’t be Sonix if we didn’t include “fun” in all that we do. We’re always aiming for an inclusive, passionate, and integrated community that works together to get it done. We work our asses off - and we have a great time doing it. 

With that, we want to thank you all for being our loyal followers. Keep coming back here to see what we’re doing next, and we invite you in our mission for 2020.