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A mask worth talking about…

A mask worth talking about…

This is exciting guys… We are launching a mask!

And not just any old fabric mask with basic filter liners - this mask took a lot of time and thought to develop. We thought through everything - from the fabric, material, and design and fit of the mask and liners. 

Introducing...The Air Guard

A mask+liner set designed exclusively for daily wear, comfort, and protection. 

As the first launch from our Bondir by Sonix sub-brand, The Air Guard took our PD team A LOT of time to create. We wanted it to be comfortable enough for daily wear, but with the highest level of protection we could get to be cost effective.

Most of all, we were committed to using these masks to protect our community. We’re donating a large portion of these masks and liners to top local restaurants and businesses. We've also donated 5,000 Bondir by Sonix Face Shields to Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center through the LA Mayor’s Office. Lastly, we donated proceeds to support UCLA doctors and nurses - and we’re not done.

Stay tuned for more updates! We want to help however we can!

Some quick notes: The Air Guard is a one size fits all mask system that delivers a higher level of protection than regular cloth masks with 4 layers of filtration. Our fabric mask layer is made with a lightweight material that is washable and air dries quickly to retain its form and function.

The Air Guard launches May 15th and is available for immediate shipping. Social distancing can be tricky, but Sonix is here to help.