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Yesterday, we were tagged by one of our loyal followers to participate in the @pullupforchange challenge - a challenge calling companies claiming to support the #blacklivesmatter movement to be transparent about putting action to words - and we accept. 

As a small company of under 20 people, we are proud to say we come from a very diverse team here (and growing!) with many cultural backgrounds including African American (10%), Middle Eastern (5%), Hispanic (37.5%), Asian/Pacific Islander (37.5%), and Caucasian (10%). 

Regarding our African American employees, their positions in the creative department (social, photography, digital marketing, and more) have played a large role in the company, allowing them to express themselves to have their ideas and voices heard at all times.

Although we are a small company, we still recognize our responsibility to use our voice and platform to drive change. In our efforts, we have been proactively discussing more ways we can use our platform to promote change and encourage others to do also. 

So to start, we’ve donated to @blklivesmatter and @blackvisionscollective. As we understand a donation may not be enough, we are committed to planning for the long term. In the last year, we started changing our designs and products to embrace the diversity of our team and be inclusive of our world’s needs. 

We are messaging to bring something better to the table. When we’re online, we are supporting, listening, understanding, and learning. When we’re offline, we’re in the city streets peacefully protesting with you for change. 

May we stand together hand in hand with our hearts focused on equality for all.

We hear you. We stand with you. We will do better.