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The next step

The next step

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve been working hard these past few weeks to put some action behind our words. We're proud to introduce our "Unity" 3-piece patch set, adorned with three unique designs that we believe express our feelings about recent changes in our world. These self-adhesive patches can be used on phone cases, masks, bags, and just about anywhere, so you can wear them loud and proud. Keep all three or gift some to your friends, either way we're all standing together.  

Most importantly, 100% of proceeds from sales of this set will be donated to The Loveland Foundation, an organization working to brings opportunity, mental health services, and healing to communities of color - specifically to Black women and girls - through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more. Help us help them reach their goal of providing women with financial support for therapy sessions. 

Make sure to tag us and hashtag #sonixunity, we can't wait to see how you wear them! 

Loveland Foundation is working towards the healing of the pain and trauma facing black women today. May we stand together hand in hand with our hearts focused on equality for all. We at Sonix recognize the racial injustice and racial trauma of the black community, so we stand in unity with the BLM movement. Read our statement here.